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ANNIVERSARY DIONIS 27 BENNASSAR MADRID 1988 - 2015. Virtual tour in Google at: http://goo.gl/maps/EoMJj
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Aurelio Monge


Una nueva luz inspira a Aurelio Monge


The gallery participates Dionis Bennassar another year, with the organization of the celebrations of MADO 2013, Section MuestraT, featuring the work of renowned photographer Aurelio Monge and his series "Academics, becomes art."

Academics born as a tribute to the great painter Caravaggio on 400th anniversary of his death. This is a set of photographs of nudes classic style, in which the artist captures the light that inspired his vision explores Caravaggio and chiaroscuro and the human body. Thus, Dionis Bennassar may be works that reinterpret the myths of the classical world. Works ranging from Adam and Eve in Paradise Death to the current paint, to Narcissus, Dionysus or Apollo.

The passion of Aurelio Monge (1971), for art began in his childhood interest in the world of painting, until, in 1988, discovered photography, half that from that time served of expression and from which has managed to convey, in a modern version, the force and weight of the great classics. Current models reinterprets the classic world naked. Achieve your expertise and mastery of light and shadow, show his contemporaries. Men and women today turned into classic myths. Search the foundations of body architecture and landscape of the human being is what makes Aurelio Monge to find and show the pleasure lies in the beauty of proportion. I try to portray the soul, says the artist, beyond the nakedness of the body, of the ephemeral nature of things and of life itself.

Horacio If painting is a poem without words, the same can be said of Aurelio Monge and his work, pure poetry in photo images.

Album: Aurelio Monge

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