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ANNIVERSARY DIONIS 27 BENNASSAR MADRID 1988 - 2015. Virtual tour in Google at: http://goo.gl/maps/EoMJj
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10 months 1000 works


A walk through the 25 years of the Gallery Dionís Bennassar

More than 1000 works!
With prices for 25 years

An exhibition with live show
The Micrococina and artistic Minimaxbebida

The world's smallest box.
The most expensive painting in history.

For 10 months prior appointment will be made after hours.
Extensive Bennassar Dionís funds open to the public

An exhibition for customers in Gallery reunite with their artists. For new collectors are the best works that mark the 25th anniversary of Dionís Bennassar.

Works on:
                   Mompó. Lucio Muñoz. Enrique Broglia. Amadeo Gabino. Farreras. Monir. Pijoan Hernandez. Joan Marc Toni Dionís. Adelaide Murillo. Marga Dirube. Licata. Seixas. Alvarez Frugoni. Javier Rego. Gorriomoixa. Gloria Valls.
Guillermo Villadóriga. Federico Gomez. Dupla.Javier Carlos Brizuela. Andreas Strobel and until 978 more.

Dear friends:

We have tried to collect nectar from most of the artists over the last 25 years have exposed us.

Celebrate the first quarter century suggests to revisit the route taken in 1988, showing the best of our funds gallery.

Dionis Bennassar Madrid has designed this great exhibition, which runs daily and change until next year 2014, as a tribute to their artists, customers, critics and friends, because without them would not be possible as long voyage.

The largest and most ambitious of all our exhibitions seasoned with pills subtle humor. So Dionis Bennassar Gallery, offering succulent Micrococina or artistic Minimaxbebida for joy and delight of all. There will also be live music, art and small skits instant theater.

A long walk for art that has marked the history of Madrid Bennassar Dionis composed over a thousand works parade (work sold work record) for their rooms dressed with succulent dose of color and joy.

We believe that aesthetics, humor and the various arts should adorn and guide our lives.

A unique exhibition in time and in his way not to be missed.

With all my affection, Miquel Tugores

Album: 10 months 1000 works