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ANNIVERSARY DIONIS 27 BENNASSAR MADRID 1988 - 2015. Virtual tour in Google at: http://goo.gl/maps/EoMJj
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Mónica Ochoa


Bennassar Dionís gallery is proud to collaborate, another edition, with MuestraT, culture LGBT Pride, held in Madrid the festive days of Pride. This time we present the work of photographer Madrid, Monica Ochoa.

Criling, name a dozen photographs intervened with collage and painted with acrylic techniques that the author has registered and used as a pretext for his new production. This set triggers a burst of movement, poetry, magic and color in each of the portraits that make up this exhibition. Men and women-or semi-naked, in front of the mirror that is the viewer. Curtains, transparencies, glazes and messages are arrows of color, tinged with blank verse, darts inflamed with searing colors. Wild animals, insects, human and compose messages in a work unit fluid, seen, understood and enjoyed from the first look.

The Modesto great Cuixart described in the work of Monica Ochoa saying: "It's made with a pen because she sees the light sculptural ability, his big secret. The fundamental difference between painting and photography is the painting looks inside out and photography, from outside to inside. Here lies the talent of knowing how to use the eye of art as a mirror of self humanized and not of observed reality. "

"The Criling, and technical, can fantasize that reality and mold it to our liking, evade the merely apparent and true to form other universes in which we actually establish. Sculpted with light magical worlds inhabited by characters birthed from our hearts, characters that are created through images that our brain and soul lovingly molded to place them in that other reality that we like and where they remain for ever creating a different world that aspires to be complete. To this end I have spent more than twenty years of my life to photography and I have not traveled more than a tiny part of the way I hope someday I confirm my parallel universe where you can live finally over. " Monica Ochoa confesses.

Monica Ochoa studied Geography and History, Fashion Design and Photography. He began working with modeling agencies, before moving on to work in fashion catalogs, magazines, labels, etc. His photographs have been part of many solo and group exhibitions since 1992 national and international. Highlights "With Art" at the Casa de Vacas of retirement in 2002 and his first show in Miami in 2010. In addition he has taught for years in IADE (Madrid).

Album: Mónica Ochoa