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ANNIVERSARY DIONIS 27 BENNASSAR MADRID 1988 - 2015. Virtual tour in Google at: http://goo.gl/maps/EoMJj
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Federico Eguía

Poetics, Painting and Sculpture


In Dionís Bennassar Art Gallery, followed by summing exposures. We closed the season with the exhibition "Poetics" by Federico Eguia, painter, poet, cartoonist, sculptor, author Madrid, who soon meets its silver anniversary as a professional.

Federico Eguia is distinguished as a restless artist, in the broadest sense of the word. His brush thinned, poems draw in space, sometimes flat, sometimes multidimensional visual metaphors shape hands: poetic. The element of cohesion among the works on display is the letter, minimum indivisible unity of word and by extension of communication and feelings. Ut Pictura poesis (such as painting, poetry), said Horace in his Ars Poetica, Federico and Eguia we reversed and translated into colors, pigments, materials, textures and volumes. Grow and evolve, such as languages, in complex lyrical compositions. Lyrics that speak and say but not read.

De Federico Eguia, and Juan Antonio Dye said the longed Point Arts: "The hands of Federico Eguía are swift, fast at times when the discipline of work becomes in fruit of good work in years observation and high state anxiety permanent emotional attempt. They are just tools and skilled artist in the art, but not his thoughts and his ability to will address everything flows in the form of sensations and intuitive heartbeat * in which the variables are occurring at breakneck speed. "

Restless and disturbing, humble interpreter of life, as the author himself excited by Velazquez and Goya to which we add traces and hints of other greats like Tapies or Lucio Muñoz, pursues in his flowing toward the elemental essence of multiple sensations, mostly natural and authentic. Why not just stick to the two-dimensional or a particular volume, if not fleeing into the path of the study, the enigma. We see in his works the translation culturally speaking, old Chinese and Japanese prints perfectly balanced confluence drawing and word.

Furthermore, in this exhibition are unified its pictorial aspect, poetic and sculptural, giving evidence of his artistic vision prism. One shows where a consistent and orderly had a cast in bronze, which remind us of its organic and natural the most elementary aspects of life, a rusty iron plates, painted and / or spoken, that take us to worlds Teacher as Oteiza, Gabino and Chillida and we also everyday items, like cookies that melt in coffee with discursive language common to all of the author's work.

 Opening: Thursday, July 5 at 20:00

Album: Federico Eguía

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