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ANNIVERSARY DIONIS 27 BENNASSAR MADRID 1988 - 2015. Virtual tour in Google at: http://goo.gl/maps/EoMJj
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Dionis Bennassar Gallery Madrid

The gallery promotes Bennassar Dionís since 1988 contemporary art in Madrid, alternating exhibitions in the works of great masters to young artists. It is conceived as a center of art in which, along with temporary exhibitions can be seen a large number of works in its permanent exhibition: painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, etc..

In the beginning was located in the stylish Barceló Street Building # 10. Then, in 1993, moved his art to No. 15 of the neighboring San Lorenzo Street, in a nineteenth-century family mansion who, since the early twentieth century it housed various cultural entities. A unique courtyard defined by columns and ambulatory enriches space. The gallery occupies the ground floor and basement of the palace semi.

Situated on the border of the dynamic neighborhood Chueca Chamberi three hundred meters from the Romantic Museum and the Museum of History in Madrid, enjoys a privileged location in the heart of Madrid.

Miguel Tugores, Pollença 1944, directs the gallery since its inception and has formed his personality in the author's local space and has given the line a markedly Mediterranean gallery. Friend of the artists and their works promoter to an art-loving public work is routed to the quarter century of ceaseless activity. He has also served on the board of various organizations and groups around the Arts in Madrid and has been in multiple jury awards.

In his long career, the Gallery has had time to make the public more than 280 exhibitions in Madrid a hundred artists and 60 events for public and private entities. He has also participated in shows always emphasizing its Mediterranean sensibility.

The gallery, on two floors, along with temporary exhibits, shows a large number of works of his collection of paintings, sculpture, printmaking and photography. Are frequent cultural events dedicated to art and culture's friends: poetry, literature, music ...

The Directorate of Dionís Bennassar actively involved in the management and promotion of Contemporary DEARTE Foundation, based in the Ducal Palace of Medina, who while promoting Spanish art in its halls and hosts the national fair veteran, Fair DEARTE that, after an initial decade in the Congress Palace of Madrid, celebrated their new editions in Medinaceli occupying the entire ground floor of the Ducal Palace of Medina.